Viticoltori Romangia

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The Romangia Cooperative Society was born in 1996 to propel forward the noblest experiences of the winegrowers of the Sorso-Sennori area. Currently it has a vineyard area of about sixty hectares of vineyards between the two towns on the north coast of Sardinia. Their production philosophy is based on the enhancement of the local vines such as this, new to our portfolio, Vermentino, which in the sunny lands not far from the sea of the Gulf of Asinara, expresses itself with extraordinary freshness with different aromas to the
whites of Gallura or other Sardinian territories. The passion of the winemakers, along with an ambitious investment program and the collaboration of some of the best winemakers in Sardinia, opened up welcome prospects for the Sorso-Sennori area both in the field of top class production and in the of economy of this area of Northern Sardinia.