Val di Suga

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“The history of Val di Suga began in 1969, when a company owned by Aldo Moro bought farmland to the north of Montalcino and built a production and sales unit. That land, used for producing fodder at the time, was gradually converted to vineyards and underwent several changes in ownership. In 1982 Val di Suga started to produce wine and created a winemaking cellar. The first vintage to be sold was the “Val di Suga Brunello Riserva 1977”. Right from the start, there was a rapid growth in vinegrowing and winemaking.
The early 1980s saw the start of the success and expansion of the Brunello di Montalcino designation. Thanks to this and the constant efforts and commitment, both in vinegrowing and winemaking, Val di Suga began to stand out in the Montalcino winemaking scene. A few years later, in 1994, the Gruppo Angelini came along and gave Val di Suga new drive, which was already winning awards and recognised on an international level for its high quality wines. But the strength and unique nature of the winery were decisive through the years, right from the start of production in the three vineyards located on the three slopes of the Montalcino hill, in the most suitable Brunello di Montalcino production areas.
In 1983, a vineyard was picked out next to the lake opposite the winery, in the northeastern area of Montalcino, which, due to its special features, would go on to produce the first selection of Brunello: the VIGNA DEL LAGO.
In 1988, the winery bought one of the most famous Crus in Montalcino, SPUNTALI: about 15 hectares of vineyards unanimously recognised as one of the best terroirs for Brunello, on the southwestern slope. These were the years of an internal “contest” between the two Crus of the winery, the Vigna Spuntali and the Vigna del Lago, a contest where the two Brunellos took turns to shine in the wine guides and scores of the international press, always placing themselves at the highest levels and becoming famous on an international level. But the real inspiration of Val di Suga came along in 1999 when the opportunity arose to buy a vineyard in the historical heart of the designation, in the southeast: POGGIO AL GRANCHIO.
With Poggio al Granchio, Val di Suga acquired a distinguishing feature that makes it stand out from the other wineries in Montalcino: it is one of the few that owns vineyards in different parts of the hill and the only one that owns them on the three most suitable slopes for producing the best Brunello.”