La Prendina

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After extensive re-working, the Piona family planted new vineyards based on thier experience at Cavalchina. Initially, the wines were actually sold under the Cavalchina name with the first wine to use the La Prendina name a Merlot bottled in 1980 for the celebrated chef Gualtiero Marchesi. The Merlot remains even today the wine that best expresses the character of La Prendina. Respected reds made in a style respecting the fragrance of the grapes with a light touch of oak and with an important structure. Associated with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon & Cabernet France since the 1960s, the area just 5km south of Lake Garda has historically found itself at the meeting point of winemaking cultures & influences shown in the areas historical affinity with both red & white French varieties.