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Tucked into the exquisite Knorhoek Valley north of Stellenbosch, Muratie Wine Estate, under the stewardship of Rijk Melck and his family, has been at the heart of a lot of passionate debate on how to best honour their heritage. The farm itself dates back to 1685 when it was granted by Governor Simon van der Stel who was Governor of the Cape of Good Hope at the time. This makes Muratie one of the oldest estates in South Africa and along with that age comes many characters and truly fascinating stories which the Melck family has respected by putting their names to individual wines. The Melck’s themselves can trace first family ownership to Martin Melck in 1763.
It is not only the label that has changed. The wine itself has also undergone incredible changes in quality, under the creative hand of winemaker Hattingh De Villiers. Increased care and investment throughout the winemaking process – from hard-harvesting to gentle handling in the winery – have led to Muratie being respected by consumers and critics worldwide as one of the leading producers in Stellenbosch.