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Established in 1977 this distillery offers outstanding grappas and distinguishes itself for its products made with passion and great care for details. Paolo Marolo, an expert distiller and professor at the local Alba Oenological School, now alongside his son Lorenzo craft their grappas using only fresh and selected single-varietal skins with discontinuous bainmarie stills – A contrapunta to the industrial grappe often drunk once and never again. Paolo’s sense of smell, palate and experience of combining artisanal techniques with innovations has lead him to create high-end products with noticeable rooting in place and history. The latter can be particularly seen in their Vermouths, which has the rights to use the original 1851 recipe from a Turin pharmacist, Dr. Ulrich employing burnt sugar to deepen bitterness and maintain natural colouring not often seen in contemporary Vermouth.