Jean Durup Père et Fils

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A Durup vigneron can be found in Chablis, no matter how far back in time we go! The Durup family, winemakers from father to son, have been harvesting vines in Chablis for several centuries. The vineyard at Château de Maligny was reconstructed by Jean Durup, whose great-grandfather, Paul Gally, had been the last person in charge in the 19th century. Jean had inherited 2 hectares from his father in 1968, and those 2 hectares have now spread to 206 hectares! “Our village is at the base of our roots, of all our family. We only do Chablis, on an estate that allows us to produce 13 different wines each year, wines that appeal to all palates. It is said that a wine looks like its producer, I think it does is; they are clear, frank, straight wines” Jean-Paul Durup.