I Favati

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The I Favati winery has quickly risen through the ranks of Italian producers since its foundation in 1994. So much so that last year we began to expect the answer I Favati when asking winemakers and journalist for their favourite producer from Campania – before them knowing our link to the Petroziellos. From a great family tradition, where passion and culture of good wine have been handed down since the early decades of the last century, the company is now located in the renowned land of Irpinia and is wisely managed by Rosanna Petrozziello, her husband Giancarlo, their daughter Carla & brother-in-law Piersabino Favati who take care of every aspect of the production and marketing of the products, with the precious contribution of the highly-lauded oenologist Vincenzo Mercurio. With varying plots across Altripalda, Cesenali & Irpinia they produce Fiano di Avellino, Taurasi & Greco di Tufo that are intensely in flavour and beautifully balanced.