I Campi

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What gems to behold are these understated wines! Deserving of recognition for their ties to the classic styles of Soave, Lugana and Valpolicella.
All of the I Campi vineyards are close to the hill range of Monti Lessini which dominates the plains of the Verona and Vicenza regions. These hills enclose the largest Italian glacial lake, the deep “Val d’Adige” and extend to the ancient underwater volcanoes which are the Berici Euganei hills we know today. The geological diversity of the hills leads to a myriad of potential from the sites that is respected on the label of each wine named for the vineyard characteristics.
The production is conducted by Flavio Prà of the fourth generation of an historical family of wine-makers in the area. His style leads to a winemaking that does not overshadow the natural potential of the wine, which is respectfully expressed to its full capacity.