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Cantina Girlan was founded in 1923 in an ancient farmstead from the XVI century. Back then, 23 winegrowers laid the foundation stones of what was later to become the winery we see today. The walls, steeped in ancient tradition, and the labyrinthine corridors of the cellar harbour the secrets of state-of-the-art winemaking technology and hold the ideal conditions for ageing our wines.
The winery has two main objectives: the first is to bring value back to historical grape varieties from Alto Adige (Vernatsch, Pinot Bianco & Pinot Noir), and the other is to create wines with character, using international grape varieties (Chardonnay & Sauvignon), but still tied in some way to the area whilst respecting the natural processes of the vines.
The work of the cooperative growers means that, in a natural manner, we can transfer their intentions to the very spirit of the wines, and while using the very latest technology they also take care to make sure that the Cantina’s future maintains close ties with its past. Central to this are the 200 winegrowing families who own the 220 hectares of vineyard that make up Cantina Girlan, numbers that show the care and attention that can be afforded to each small plot of vines.