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Originally, the Forchir vineyards were located near Palmanova, the famous ‘starry city’ that is one of the symbols of Friuli. Initially a completely agricultural concern, over the decades the company specialised in viticulture and wine processing, so much so that it was one of the very first companies in the region to sell bottled wine. Experience and skills were handed down from generation to generation for years, until the early 1980s when a young winemaker named Gianfranco Bianchini (Franco) began a collaboration with the company that soon turned into a deep sharing and friendship.
So it was that in 1984, when the need arose to pass the baton, Gianfranco enthusiastically accepted the commitment to carry on the company’s tradition, maintaining its name and core values. This marked the starting point of the company’s modern era.
By a coincidence of almost symbolic significance, the initial F of Forchir corresponds to the initials of Franco, Friuli and Family, a sign of continuity with the history and territory of Friuli, from the original founders to the current owners.
Thanks to the guidance and experience of Gianfranco and the support of his daughter Giulia, the Bianchini family has expanded the company’s horizons over time and has implemented a carbon neutral winemaking concept. And so today Forchir’s story continues, from rurality to modernity. Clean winemaking, pure fruit and great looks make this Friulian winery a fixture for us and our customers customers.