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The 20th century marks the beginning of Brigaldara as we know it today. In 1928, Renzo Cesari purchases Brigaldara. With his son Lamberto, he specializes in viticulture with love and passion. The greatest impulse takes place in the 80s, when the direction passes into the hands of Stefano, Renzo’s grandson, who starts a long-lasting collaboration with Roberto Ferrarini, perhaps one of the most important innovators in the history of Amarone and Valpolicella. In 1997, Brigaldara’s Amarone is awarded for the first time the Tre Bicchieri Gambero Rosso. Stefano Cesari and his sons Lamberto and Antonio initiate a profound renewal of the production methods and of the cellar. They promote a rational arrangement of the vineyards, specializing each one of them according to the most suitable varieties for each area.