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Since 1998, inimitable oenologist Igor Erzetic has transformed his father Branko Erzetic’s 6ha that are tucked away in the undulating landscpae that borders Slovenia. He started this transformation with the land under vine – but for a handful of Merlot all planted with white varieties. Keen on preserving the inherent qualities of the fruit and area the winery and cellar was transformed to provide the environment Igor wanted for his wines to develop post-fermentation.
Igor’s style is clear across the range and a good reflection of the man himself: one honed over decades of thought and intense relationship with the land and cellar. Complex beyond their varietal origins, fantastic mouthfeel in all the wines with direct acidity and personality.
These are not the wines that the area became known for in decades gone by but wines that are a reflection of the bold people and land of Cormons.