Bonfante & Chiarle

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Bonfante & Chiarle was founded 1908 in Mombaruzzo, but its present structure was finalized in 1975 thanks to Luciano Chiarle, Giorgio Chiarle and Domenico Bonfante, following in the footsteps of their fathers and their grandfathers before them, who were all dedicated winemakers that have lived for this passion.
Thus, Bonfante & Chiarle has continued this entrepreneurial tradition in the Monferrato hills through a venture that aimed at promoting a new kind of development based on the relationship with the territory and the passion for excellent and certified wine.
After a few years, Bonfante & Chiarle became an important representative of the Piedmontese wine world, also including the wines of the Langhe in its production and establishing itself as a key figure in the Italian and international markets. Bonfante & Chiarle’s Barolo Bisù offers drinkability in its relative youth, a characteristic we were keen to have on the list.